Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center website redesign


  • Unclear messaging 
    The homepage did not clearly convey Renaissance's primary offering: business classes. The content, design, and user flow of the website confused clients.
  • Difficult to navigate
    Clients found it challenging to navigate to and select business classes appropriate to their skill level and needs.
  • Inconsistent images
    Many of the photographs and icons were poor quality, did not support the written content, or the files were too large, making the site load slowly; slide carousels made a made poor user experience.
  • Important content below the fold
    The text overlay on the main images was hidden from many viewers until they scrolled down the page.


  • Improved content architecture 
    Aligned content with organizational priorities, emphasising business classes first, niche business services second, and Women‘s Business Center third.
  • Improved user flow
    Added more graphic and actionable elements; added prominent 'See Classes' and 'See Services' buttons to home page.
    Created an event feed of classes that can be displayed on any page; made a page that groups classes by skill level, subject, and other client demographics, helping people find and enroll in classes that meet their needs.
  • Improved images
    Replaced and batch-resized photographs and icons; removed slide carousel.
  • Move text overlay  to prominent location
    Important text overlay on image is now visible above the the fold. It is also now actionable and aligned with Renaissance's offerings.

Old home page


New home page