enables moments of delight through HYPNO’s experiential camera platform

took thousands of people on an augmented reality journey to the 29th Dimension with Refinery29 and Instagram

stumbled into UX in a successful attempt to make my colleagues’ work easier

connected friends and family members of those lost in a warehouse fire through a composer’s original piece for orchestra

showed people The Point! and what it’s like to be the sole round-headed person in a land where everything and everyone else has a (literal) point.

helped save lives by cycling 545 miles and selling her artwork

kept her cool while assistant directing a theatrical performance with a flaming whirling dervish

wrote stories about numerous Bay Area small business owners and their inspiring and harrowing entrepreneurial journeys.

helped reunite five members of Sly & The Family Stone onstage with over 175 musicians in a tribute performance of their album, Stand!

wrote original scores for music box and performed them at an event she produced

made painting-animations for the Memorette: a custom film player

taught a blind musician how to ‘sight read’