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December 2018 — Took thousands of people on an augmented reality journey to the 29th Dimension

January 2018–July 2017 Wrote 100 love notes while traveling across the U.S. and Europe on a sabbatical

January–July 2017 Wanting to make my colleagues’ work easier, developed skills in and appreciation for user experience design

December 2017: Connected friends and family members of Oakland’s 2016 Ghost Ship Fire victims through a composer’s original piece for orchestra

July 2017 Showed people The Point! and what it’s like to be the sole round-headed person in a land where everything and everyone else has a (literal) point.

June 2017 Saved lives by riding my bike 545 miles and selling my artwork.

April 2017 Assistant directed a theatrical performance with a flaming whirling dervish

September 2016 Enabled people’s love of cute animals and crafting through stuffed penguin making workshop Part of a 30-vendor craft fair I produced

February 2014–December 2016 Wrote stories based on interviews with numerous Bay Area small business owners about their inspiring and harrowing entrepreneurial journeys.

January 2015 Helped reunite five members of Sly & The Family Stone onstage with over 175 musicians in a tribute performance of their album, Stand!

2014 Was scooped up by a luchador wrestler at a business networking event I helped produce

December 2013–February 2014 Wrote original scores for music box and performed them at an event I produced

2012 Made painting-animations for the Memorette: a custom film player with custom cassettes (and you think Beta machines and tapes are obscure!)

2013 was noted in an article by for the advantages of making work in a series

2012–2014 Taught kids to make Japanese-style ceramic sushi plates and homemade sushi to enjoy on the plates. (Plus a lot of other arts enrichment curriculum)

2009–2012 Kept up-to-date with popular music by teaching pre-pubescent kids to play in rock bands

2009–2010 Taught a blind musician how to ‘sight read’

2010 Played bass with a group that went boldly where no other string band has gone before, accompanying a modern dance performance.

2010 Received an award from San Francisco State University for creativity and intellectual curiosity

2008 Recorded upright bass and vocals on an album that Cool Hunting noted for its “lush, fully-realized orchestrations”

2008–2012 Decided to stop dropping out of art school to go on tour with bands, earning a BA in studio art with a minor in music.

2006–2008 Learned how to use intrinsic motivation to inspire students with special needs, later discovering that it’s an effective practice used in enlightened business management.

2002–2006 While teaching art and enrichment classes, was named by one of my student’s parent as the most creative person in the city of Piedmont.

2001 & 2006 Dropped out of art school twice to go on tour with bands

2002–2004 Thought it would be fun to start a chocolate business. Found out that business is hard. But so is working in the arts. And I still do both.

1999–present Make and exhibit artwork, always struggling with the tension between the desire to make things versus make experiences, such as music and events.

1997–1999 Left the raspberry farm and two-piano home of my childhood in Occidental, CA to move to the big city of San Francisco to finish high school at the School of the Arts

1992 Thought inside-out peanut butter cups were a brilliant idea and attempted to get a patent.

1990, 1996, & 2006 Created, re-created, and re-re-created a cookbook for kids. Had I known about design thinking and business models when I started this project as a kid, I probably would have approached the iterative process differently